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I went to see Ranbir at one of The Hair Ambulance walk-in hair check-ups. I’m a very busy professional so booked an appointment during my lunchtime which was a great use of my valuable time.

I’d previously been to see my GP but that was a complete waste of my time. The Hair Health check-up facility at The Hair Ambulance is great; Ranbir was informative and very knowledgable about my hair loss and what products would work for me.

The product advice included instructions on the amount of usage, frequency of use and how to achieve the best results. It was clear Ranbir was passionate about helping me but she wasn’t pushing me to buy everything. I wasn’t aware of all the amazing products available for hair loss. She matched the best products for me and also prevented me from buying additional products that I didn’t need.

Having now used the products for the last six months I’ve seen a huge difference, I feel a lot more confident about my hair; before I had to wash my hair every day so I could try and style it, now I wash it twice a week as it just feels healthy and a lot thicker and fuller.

Mrs Basra

I was shocked and a bit star-struck! I booked a free consultation at the hair check-up facility on The Hair Ambulance and I must admit I was nervous and anxious because I’ve never booked an appointment to discuss my personal issues regarding my bald head before.

However, I’m very thorough when it comes to doing research. Prior to my appointment, I read the internet every night looking for reasons not to turn up. Fast forward two weeks, I plucked up the courage and knocked on the door. I knew I was meeting a male consultant but when Ian walked into the room I was overwhelmed.

I’d read all about how he came up with The Hair Ambulance concept and the fact he invented Scalp MicroPigmentation but I never for one second thought I’d actually get to speak to him face to face. I thought he would be living it up in the Hollywood Hills.

All I can say is a BIG thank you to Ian for developing this amazing procedure. I now walk around with my confidence back. I’m so glad The Hair Ambulance caught my eye whilst I was driving to work otherwise I’d have never known that this type of hair loss treatment was available. It’s amazing!


For me, the fact that Ranbir was a fully qualified trichologist was the reassurance I needed. I spoke to several companies before deciding on The Hair Ambulance and I felt quite uncomfortable because I felt like I was just speaking with a salesperson.

I needed sound professional advice, not ‘if I book today I get a 10% discount’. After all, I’m talking about my hair, my emotions and self-confidence, not a discount.

If you are silently worried about your hair, give The Hair Ambulance a call. They really care and can definitely help. Keep up the amazing work.


After suffering from thinning hair, I sought advice from The Hair Ambulance about what I could do. I was recommended their hair regrowth programme and told to put the treatment on twice a week for the next three months. I started to do this and have now seen the results of not only thicker looking hair but also regrowth.

I also exercise a lot and was recommended another lotion to be put on my hair before exercise. The products are a little expensive but well worth it.

The aftercare was second to none. I was messaged on a regular basis to see how I was getting on and they were always at the end of the phone if I was unsure about something. I would definitely recommend the team at The Hair Ambulance to anyone suffering hair loss.


The Hair Ambulance saved my life. I was so worried about my hair loss and they gave me such great advice and I’m seeing results already. I’m far more confident now and I love the fact that I just don’t have to worry about my baldness any more. I feel great!


Dear The Hair Ambulance, you were so good because you know my confidence and self-esteem was at zero. I know I used to worry too much; I wish I didn’t but my hair loss destroyed me from a young age and I thought it would be on my mind till the day I die. I hope you realise how much you have helped me, I have said it before you are a true hero to me, you gave me back something nobody else could.


My alopecia areata experience

My name is Ranjit Senghera, I’m 48 years old. I live in Bromsgrove with my fiancé. Since I was 10 years old I have always suffered from alopecia areata, which has often flared-up when I was stressed. In my 30s after a difficult marriage break-up and stress at work, I lost all my hair to alopecia areata. However, with lifestyle changes and exercise my hair came back.

In 2016, my hair began to fall out again, but this time things were different. The loss of hair was all over my body and I lost my eyebrows, eyelashes, too, which was heartbreaking. I was diagnosed as suffering from alopecia universalis, which is the extreme form of hair loss.

By the end of January 2019, I was still struggling to see any hair growth, until my friend Ranbir informed me about a product she used to strengthen her hair from the roots. I brought three months supply of the products and have been using it since early February and you can see the difference it has made to me physically, my confidence and my mental health and well being.

I’ve used the product twice a week. It is easy to apply; I rub it into my scalp, massage my head, then I wear a woolly hat to go to sleep. In the morning, I wash it out using baby shampoo & mild conditioner. Since March I have had my hair trimmed twice to manage the thickness of my hair.

I’m now about to stop wearing my wig as my hair had come back on my head, and it’s getting harder to wear the wig. My eyebrows and eyelashes have returned and I feel fabulous.

I’m so grateful to Ranbir for introducing me to this product. I have also shared this product with my sister-in-law, who is recovering from breast cancer and needed support on making her hair growth thicker, after the chemotherapy. Thanks again and I highly recommend this product to you all.

Ranjit Senghera

ScalpMicroPigmentation success story

I only went to keep my bro company then I decided to just do it myself. Respect to Ian for creating this crazy shit, it’s the real deal, it’s bonkers, I’m now back in the game.


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