Turmeric A Hair Loss Hazard

An American doctor, treating himself for inflammation, spotted a hitherto unknown property of turmeric. A property that may well designate turmeric a hair loss hazard. We look closer.



This Asian spice is probably still best known for its use in cooking. It’s warm bitter taste frequently appears in curries where it is used for colour and flavour. It contains over 300 compounds, the most potent of which is curcumin. It is credited with many positive health properties, but one doctor may have just highlighted a new property, one which makes turmeric a hair loss hazard.

The powerful anti-inflammatory agents contained in turmeric have seen it used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Prescribed for a range of ailments it is primarily used to treat inflammation, especially of the sort associated with arthritis. Beyond that, it is used to treat wounds, stomach upsets, liver conditions, and more.

More recently, turmeric has gained a reputation as an important tool in the fight against hair loss. A reputation that has grown exponentially driven by many reviews hailing its efficacy. While there is little or no supporting evidence for its effect on hair growth, what we do know about its anti-oxidant properties would support the theory.

However, news from America suggests that taking turmeric as a supplement might have dire consequences for some.

Unknown Side Effect Of Turmeric

The American doctor in question was taking turmeric for a reason. He had been suffering from osteoarthritis and enduring crippling pain associated with the condition. Aware of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, he added around 7g a day to his routine. It certainly helped alleviate the pain from his arthritis but he noted that his iron levels were very low. To combat the iron deficiency he added iron to his routine too.

A short time later he was surprised to discover that, despite taking the iron supplement, his levels had fallen even further. The problems associated with iron deficiency can be so serious that the doctor took action and stopped taking the turmeric. With two weeks his iron levels returned to normal.

The Hair Ambulance

Iron deficiency is a serious issue, particularly for women. Keeping an eye on our levels is recommended since a deficiency can lead to a range of health problems. Without enough iron, we do not produce sufficient red blood cells to get oxygen to our tissues and muscles.

The doctor’s experience was the first time a link has been made between turmeric triggering an iron deficiency. The details of his experience were published here. As that publication concludes, it is an issue that requires more attention given the popularity of turmeric as a supplement. But it is a piece of anecdotal evidence we would all to well to take notice of. One that points to the importance of reaching out to a hair professional before self-medicating. It is vital to understand the potential effect on your wider health before beginning your fight against hair loss.

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