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A recent article in Salon Prive, written by celebrity hairstylist Joe Mills, looked at the trendiest haircuts for men this winter. But what if you’re suffering from hair loss – can you still rock a cool hairstyle?

We at The Hair Ambulance say you can, so we’ve examined these hairstyles and come up with some ways you can adapt them for thinning hair.

  1. ‘The Modern Mullet’

Less bouffant than the mullets we all loved to hate in the eighties, this is a relatively easy style to pull off for those with mild to moderate hair thinning.

A longer, layered cut with a fringe at the front and the back curling down around the collar, the “modern mullet” is brushed forward around the face, so a mildly receding hairline can be disguised – the 2019 equivalent of a combover.

  1. The Buzzcut

This is the style for those of us whose hair loss has gone beyond the point where a bit of nifty styling can hide it.

Go bold by shaving it all off – and if you can’t bear the thought of any regrowth making your bald spots more prominent, consider scalp micropigmentation to disguise them.

  1. Longer Layers

Essentially a shorter version of the modern mullet, this is another one that you might be able to get away with if your hairline is only just beginning to recede.

For those whose hair loss is more advanced, however, you might need to consider hair loss treatment options before going down this route. A hair transplant would be effective, but would take so long to take effect that you might have gone off the hairstyle by the time you’re able to wear it!

Another option here could be scalp micropigmentation – whilst usually considered a treatment for those wishing to shave their heads (see above), SMP can be used very effectively to disguise thinner areas in longer hair.

  1. The Quiff

As Joe Mills says, a quiff never goes out of fashion. And in fact, if a receding hairline is your main hair loss problem, a quiff could be the hairstyle for you. You do need to have a full crown of hair, however, as the style relies on hair being brushed forward from the crown and back at the sides.

So if you are worried that hair loss could prevent you from keeping up with the latest trends, think again. Just make sure you see a hairstylist you trust and discuss your hair loss concerns with them from the start.

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