Three Essential Hair Loss Tips

Worried about the condition of your hair and scalp? Whether you are experiencing a general deterioration in condition, or actually losing hair, here are our three essential tips for giving your hair its best chance.


Hair Loss For Women

Three essential tips for anyone suffering from hair loss. Women have a particular set of problems when it comes to hair loss. For starters, our hair is our crowning glory. Over the last couple of decades, we have seen men catching up, barbers being replaced by gentlemen’s hairdressers. But it is women who have led the way in this regard. Many of us will have a ‘relationship’ with our favourite hairdresser. A relationship based on trust in their ability and desire to do their very best for us. Often they are the first to spot a problem. Let’s face it, nobody else pays more attention to your hair, unless it is you. But we know that hair loss can be a problem for a long time before it becomes noticeable, so your hairdresser has an important role to play in helping you spot the problem early.

Help For Hair Loss

Should your hairdresser tell you there is a problem, your plan of action is clear. Get yourself along to a hair professional for the right advice. A trichologist will assess your condition, take into account wider health and lifestyle issues, and produce a treatment plan. And there are plenty of options available.

The fight against hair loss, like charity, begins at home. Regardless of your proposed treatment plan, there are some essential tips that we should all consider. Simple changes can make all the difference in the quality and speed of your recovery.

Essential Hair Loss Tips

Here we aim to maintain the levels of three vital ingredients for healthy hair growth.

Drink Yourself Healthy – We all lose a couple of litres of water through the course of a day. It is imperative to replace that loss of fluids by drinking water throughout your day.

Get Plenty Of Protein – Proteins produce the amino acids, not produced otherwise by our bodies, that make the specific protein, keratin, that our hair is made of.

Up Your Iron Game – Iron is essential for ensuring the delivery of oxygen to the follicle. Increasing your intake of iron will protect you from all manner of ailments associated with anaemia.

The Hair Ambulance

Getting enough water, protein, and iron in your diet may seem like obvious advice. Yet statistics show that many of us do not get the recommended daily levels, and the problem is getting worse. Diet is at the heart of wellbeing. If you are consciously substituting meat in your diet, as is increasingly popular, the need to replace the huge amounts of protein and iron is very real. Beans and legumes could be your new best friends. Kidney beans, soybeans, lima beans, lentils chickpeas, and many more. These contain prodigious amounts of both iron and protein.

There are, of course, dozens of supplements you can try that lay claim to help with hair loss. Visiting a trichologist will give you access to the best that modern medicine can deliver, and tailor the treatment to you. That consultation will also deliver important advice on those supplements that you might consider taking at the same time. For an example of the importance of that advice, check out the publication here to see how a supplement might be impacting on your wider health.

But if you want to start making a difference today, or want to enhance the support received from your trichologist, make these three changes today.

The Hair Ambulance brings world-leading hair loss solutions to your door. Hair loss is no longer inevitable. Use the contact form here to either arrange a home visit or book a consultation at one of our private hair loss clinics. Early intervention is a necessity. Do not delay if you are concerned about your hair loss.


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