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When actress and presenter Ricki Lake unveiled her new buzz cut to the internet at the end of last year, fans the world over were asking themselves what had caused her to do such a thing. And it didn’t take her long to let us know.

“I’ve been struggling with hair loss for most of my adult life”

Lake wrote a candid Facebook post alongside the picture, explaining how she has spent years battling against hair loss and has suffered from depression as a result. “There have been a few times where I’ve even felt suicidal over it,” she admitted.

Having tried various hair loss solutions over the years, from extensions and hair loss systems to supplements and steroid injections, Lake says this new look is a symbol that she is setting herself free from the struggle. She told her Facebook followers she “never could get used” to wearing extensions or wigs, and that the other treatments were ineffective.

So what caused the hair loss in the first place?

Lake blames a number of things for her hair loss but claims it all stems from her appearance in the film Hairspray when her hair was agonisingly teased into place every day on set.

With what we now know about traction alopecia and the problems caused by over-styling, this does seem like a plausible explanation, and the other factors she lists seem to be likely suspects too: she names pregnancy, birth control and extreme weight fluctuation among the possible causes, and these are all known to contribute to hair loss.

How can you be more like Ricki?

If you, like Lake, are a woman suffering from hair loss, who has tried every treatment under the sun to no avail, why not take a leaf out of her book and shave it all off?

But you don’t have to use the change to announce your hair loss problem to the world – if you’re worried a buzzcut will only exaggerate your bald patches, you could try scalp micropigmentation to fill in the gaps. For more information on SMP and how it works, click here.

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