science pointing at a hair loss cure

When it comes to hair loss, there have been some remarkable discoveries in the last decade. Here we look at some newly published, collaborative research that has some amazing science pointing at a hair loss cure.


Stem Cell Breakthrough

When it comes to modern bioscience, there is not much that is more complex than stem cells. Studying how stem cells work has become central to many labs across the world. Since their discovery, they have teased endless possibilities from curing cancer to the ability to grow new limbs. In amazing research just published, we have science pointing at a hair loss cure.

We all understand that our skin goes through a constant process of renewal. The precise role of stem cells in that process has only been loosely understood. With the publication of this latest research, we now have a better understanding than ever before.

Throughout the skin, stem cells are stored in supportive microenvironments, called niches. Professor Elaine Fuchs (pictured receiving an award from President Obama), of the Rockefeller University, led an international team studying this process. They established that a molecular coordination tool exists. This tool can be used by stem cells to send signals across these niches.


A New Understanding Of Hair Growth

So Dr. Fuchs and her international team were studying stem cell niches. A massively complex environment whose roles in tissue growth are still being learned. They identified lymphatic capillaries as critical. These specialised blood vessels transport immune cells and drain away toxins and excess fluids. Through these capillaries all the stem cell niches become interconnected.

During their research, the team turned skin completely transparent. This allowed them to look at the architecture of this network of vessels. They watched as the stem cells secreted molecules that switched that drainage on and off.

Dr. Fuchs describes the involvement of the lymphatic system as a new concept. One which might lead to new therapeutic targets for lymph-related conditions.


The Hair Ambulance

The sheer complexity of hair growth, with over 200 genes involved in the process, makes the science a challenge. The amazing work of Dr. Fuchs and her team is great evidence for this. For most of us, making the skin transparent to study the interaction of stem cells with the lymphatic system is just mindblowing.

The phrase, standing on the shoulders of giants springs to mind. Dr. Fuchs is a beneficiary of the decades of great work that went before hers. But she is turning the pages in the book of medical progress, one page at a time. There is no doubt, this is a significant step forward in our grasp of the processes around healthy hair growth. We will continue to monitor her work and look forward to more news from this outstanding team. If you want to read more detail on this breakthrough, you can see the original article, published in Science, by clicking here.

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