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Premier League footballers are perhaps the most renowned hair transplant enthusiasts of all celebrities – surpassing even actors and rock stars in their desire to maintain a full head of hair.
So are these sportsmen just more vain than their peers, or is there something else at play? According to Ryan Giggs, the latest (former) footballer to join the hair transplant ranks, it’s all about the stress of the game.

Stress-related hair loss

Former England player and sometimes Wales manager Giggs told the Daily Mail:
“Football is stressful. You put yourself under pressure. You’re aware of the consequences if you lose a game or don’t play well. You are under the spotlight and if you have a bad game you are aware of the criticism. Then it becomes a little bit more stressful. And stress is related to hair loss.”
It is true that stress is a major factor when it comes to hair loss – whether it’s a single traumatic event causing sudden shedding, or long term, chronic stress leading to a steady decline in hair growth.
And that stress can be exacerbated for men, whose mates are unlikely to be sensitive to their feelings when it comes to hair loss. Giggs tells how he went to the pub with some friends to celebrate a win against Liverpool, aged 29. Rather than congratulate him on his football skills, these two former schoolmates pointed out the increasing bald patch at his crown.

What hair loss treatments has Giggs undergone?

The footballer’s first response on learning of his hair loss was to go for a shorter cut, to disguise the thinning area. He then visited a clinic, where he underwent a course of shampoos, laser treatments and lotions, to stimulate hair growth.
This in itself was effective enough to inspire him to become a partner in the clinic in 2015, but in 2017 Giggs decided that a 1500 follicle hair transplant procedure would give his confidence a further boost.
It took just over a year for the final results to be seen, but Giggs is very pleased with the effect: “I’m really happy with it. The only negative I have is that I didn’t do it earlier,” he told the Daily Mail.
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