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Hair loss affects up to fifty per cent of men and can have a devastating impact on self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. And a huge industry has built up to try and solve the problem – analysts predict the global alopecia market to be worth US$4.8billion by 2026.

But some marketing people have taken matters into their own hands in an attempt to take the negativity out of the industry, rebranding ‘hair loss’ as ‘hair wellness’.

What’s in a name?

According to those in the know, replacing the word ‘loss’ with ‘wellness’ takes the fear out of the industry, encompassing all the hair-related issues that women’s hair products promote, from volumising to conditioning and everything in between.

What’s wrong with saying hair loss?

Whilst there’s no real problem with the term ‘hair loss’ per se, it does suggest treating the problem after it has started. Whereas with ‘hair wellness’ products, you might well be nipping it in the bud by looking after your hair before any hair loss has begun to occur.

One brand promoting the idea of hair wellness is Hims – a US company offering virtual consultations with doctors, thus providing users with access to generic versions of FDA approved hair loss drugs.

Hims founder and CEO Andrew Dudum spoke to the New York Times about the wellness revolution:

“It’s been a fear-based industry. This new wave of energy around being the best version of yourself is what we’re trying to capitalise on.”

Hidden dangers of hair wellness

But some experts think brands like Hims take the ‘wellness’ trend too far. Many of the prescription-only medications accessed via the site have some serious side effects, and some say a face-to-face consultation with a trusted hair loss expert is the best route to having those drugs prescribed.

And medications aren’t the only way to treat alopecia – here at The Hair Ambulance, we recommend consulting with a qualified hair loss expert to ascertain the best treatment for you, whether or not you have started to lose your hair already… whilst hair transplants are really only suitable for more advanced hair loss cases, treatments such as SMP or hair loss shampoos can provide an effective preventative measure.

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