Stories have been coming out of China for a while pointing to a huge increase in the number of young people experiencing hair loss. We look closer.   Hair Loss in China Statistics can be misleading when it comes to China. The sheer size of the country makes for some extraordinary outcomes when you start […]

Dry shampoo has become an essential part of equipment for busy women everywhere. But are the negative rumours surrounding its use to be taken seriously? We look closer.   Dry Shampoo Far from a new phenomenon, dry shampoo has been around for a very long time. Clay powder was used in Asia to clean hair […]

The remarkable story of a woman in labour worrying that her partner of two years might spot her hair loss highlights just how traumatic the condition can be. We take a closer look.   Tanya Hughes Tanya is a young mum from Wales in the UK. Her story is not uncommon, it is just the […]

According to the BBC, there are demands for more support to be given to those undergoing the mental trauma of hair loss. We look closer.   Traumatic Hair Loss Whether or not your hair loss might be considered traumatic is very much a subjective question. Each of us will go through the experience in our […]

keto diet and hair loss

The keto diet has become a weight loss phenomenon as people realise they can drop the pounds quickly by causing the body to burn fat instead of carbs. Ketosis kicks in after a few days of following the high fat, low carb diet. Equally famous, though, is the accompanying ‘keto flu’ which can make people […]

body fat hair loss injections

We’ve known for some time that Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP can help boost hair growth as part of a carefully-planned treatment programme, but now it seems that using hair loss injections of body fat rather than you blood platelets could be more effective. A small-scale US trial recently published its results in the […]

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