autoimmune hair loss

Following in the footsteps of Ricki Lake, Girls writer and co-star Lena Dunham took to Instagram recently to open up about her own hair loss issues.

Dunham, who told fans in November that she has been suffering from the autoimmune disorder Ehler-Danlos syndrome, has now revealed that her decision to shave her head in 2017 came as a direct result of hair loss associated with EDS.

Telling the bald truth

Dunham wrote an emotional post to fans, saying: ‘2 and a half years ago I shaved my head. Not in a fun sassy way, but in a “my hair is all falling out from my autoimmune disease, better rush to the barbershop and pay them 7 bucks to do this” way.’

Never usually one to shy away from telling things how they are, she went on to say that at the time, she “didn’t have very many health answers” and so didn’t know how to explain her condition.

“I also didn’t know how to express my fear to the people around me,” she wrote, “so they just thought ‘There goes Lena getting another erratic hair cut like she has every week since she was seven.”

“Bald is f***ing beautiful”

Although Dunham’s hair has now regrown, she was keen to emphasise that she doesn’t think “long, luscious locks” should be a woman’s defining feature: “that’s why I have an essential issue with the culture of hair gummies and extensions ordered on the home shopping network.”

About autoimmune hair loss

It is an acknowledged fact that autoimmune disease can often be linked to hair loss – alopecia areata is itself an autoimmune disorder, and there is an increased risk of alopecia in people suffering from any other condition that causes the immune system to attack itself.

Luckily, as Dunham has experienced, hair loss due to autoimmune disease is often temporary and resolves itself spontaneously, without need for treatment. Call 0121 312 2999 to book a consultation at The Hair Ambulance for more advice.

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