Male Pattern Hair Loss

A statement by a Taiwanese dermatologist has claimed that male pattern hair loss needs to be treated early for that treatment to be effective.

Lin Sung-Jan works at the National Taiwan University Hospital’s dermatology department. He said that men suffering from hair loss need to seek medical advice as early as possible for doctors to treat the problem. His belief is that the longer it goes on, the less can be done.

So, is he right? Should those of us with more advanced hair loss just give up and accept our fate?

It all depends on the treatment

Lin’s assertion is based on the standard medical treatments for male pattern hair loss – prescription medications minoxidil and finasteride.

Minoxidil is a topical hair loss treatment, which works by stimulating the follicles to help new hair grow thicker and faster.

Finasteride is a tablet taken orally, which helps to block production of DHT, the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

Both products can be very effective, particularly when taken together, and it is true that they will produce the best results in men at the very earliest stages of hair loss.

However, these are not the only treatments available. So if you are further on in your hair loss journey, don’t despair!

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplants are a great option for men in the more advanced stages of hair loss. In fact, the surgery actually works much better for them than it does for those who are just beginning to lose their hair.

Why should that be, you ask. Well, the thing about a hair transplant is that while it will give almost anyone a lovely new hairline, it won’t do anything to prevent further hair loss.

So if your hair loss has got just about as far as it’s going to, you will almost certainly see real, lasting results. But if you’ve got more receding to do, that will still happen and you’re likely to need another transplant in future.

Scalp micropigmentation

Another possibility for heavily balding men is scalp micropigmentation, or SMP. This revolutionary treatment allows you to rock a buzz cut, with the hairline you’ve always dreamt of, and the results can be seen within hours.

The process is similar to cosmetic tattooing, but much more specialised. The practitioner will use pigments that are matched precisely to your hair colour. Often several different colours are used, as most of us have different tones to our natural hair. These are injected into the scalp to mimic very short hairs.

To enhance the ultra-realistic appearance, the pigments are injected at different depths and angles, because that is how your hair grows. You can even work with the practitioner to ‘design’ your own hairline.

So if your hair loss is getting past the early stages, don’t despair. There are plenty of options still available to you. Please contact us at The Hair Ambulance to find out more.

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