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There are A LOT of hair loss solutions out there, and at first glance it can seem a bit daunting, not to say overwhelming. How on earth are you supposed to decide which one to choose?

Whilst your best first step is to book a consultation with a hair loss expert. But a lot will depend on your age and the stage of hair loss you have reached.

We’ve rounded up some of the best options for each stage below. It should be noted that these treatments are best suited to androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness). For other hair loss conditions, you really should see a specialist for advice.

Hair loss solutions in your twenties/ very early stages

Now most of us won’t experience hair loss in our twenties, but there are those who do. If this is you, then hopefully your hair loss is not too noticeable as yet (if it is, skip down to the next stage).

At this point, you’re in a great position to try out most hair loss treatments. A hair transplant won’t work for you, but hair loss supplements or medications, or either low level laser therapy (LLLT) could present good options. With all of these treatments, the earlier you get started the better.

In your thirties and forties/ early stages of hair loss

By our late thirties or early forties, many of us who are going to experience hair loss might be starting to see the telltale signs. As above, you’re in a strong position here, as most hair loss treatments work best on the very early stages of hair loss.

While your hair loss might be more pronounced than that of someone in their twenties, you can consider all the options mentioned above. Another great option at this stage is scalp micropigmentation or SMP, which can be used on men to create the impression of a buzz cut, or on women to disguise any thinner patches of hair.

In your fifties/ midway through your hair loss journey

If you started losing your hair in your forties, the likelihood is that by your fifties it is starting to become a lot more noticeable.

At this point many of the options discussed above, whilst worth a try, are probably not going to cut it. SMP is the one notable exception to this rule. By now, if you’re a man, you might want to consider a hair transplant. This is one hair loss treatment that you need to leave until later in your hair loss journey. If you do it too early your hair will continue to recede behind the transplant line.

If you’re a woman, SMP is still an option, or you may want to consider a hair replacement system – this can be a great way to change up your style as well as disguising your hair loss.

Hair loss solutions in your sixties and seventies

By now you’ve probably lost all the hair you’re going to. If that means most of your hair is gone, then your best treatment options will be SMP or a hair replacement system.

If you’re one of the lucky ones and still have some hair left, then a hair transplant could be an option at this stage, but it is advisable to have a thorough consultation with a specialist first, to find out how effective treatment will be.

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