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If you’re a man who is losing his hair, shaving it off is often the first suggestion you hear from those trying to offer advice. Doing so allows you to take ownership of your baldness, they say – skip the receding hairline stage and go straight to bald.

And some men like to go one step further, adorning their newly shaven heads with elaborate and distracting tattoos. If you happen to have a tattoo artist among your friends, maybe you too have been inspired to sport some artwork on your scalp. However, you may not have considered scalp micropigmentation, that can create a more subtle illusion.

Optical illusion

Tattoo artist Mat Pehrson, from Utah, recently took to Instagram with some photos of a particularly breathtaking piece he had created on his friend Ryan’s scalp.

Followers of Pehrson’s account were left astounded by the images of the tattoo. An optical illusion that gives the impression of an enormous ‘gaping hole’ at the back of Ryan’s skull.

With Pehrson’s followers being mainly tattoo fanatics, the pictures have received over 11,000 likes.

Not for the faint hearted

While Ryan’s tattoo may have gone down well on social media, the truth is that it is a decision he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life. And it might not be quite so well received at a job interview.

A head tattoo could be a great choice for those with the confidence to pull it off, but for many of us it’s just a step too far.

So what do you do if you’re balding and you want to shave your head but just can’t quite face that shiny dome every time you look in the mirror? Well, there is another option.

Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation – or SMP as it’s more commonly known, is a procedure that creates its own optical illusion. This time though, the illusion is that you have a full head of hair. You’ve just chosen to keep it short.

The procedure is often thought to be like tattooing, but it’s actually a much more specialised process, and needs to be performed by a highly trained practitioner. Over the course of between two and four hours, pigment will be injected into your scalp.

Several different shades of pigment will be used, matched with your natural hair colour, and each injection will be carried out to a slightly different depth and from varying angles, to mimic natural hair growth as closely as possible.

You will usually need two or three sessions of SMP before treatment is complete, but you will then be the proud owner of a buzz cut that needs zero maintenance and looks good all the time. You can even choose your own hairline!

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