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With not much else to occupy our time last year, we Brits spent a lot of time on Google, searching for answers to questions that had been bothering us for years. An estimated 40% of women and 50% of men aged 30 plus experience some degree of hair loss. So it’s hardly surprising that questions about hair loss ranked pretty highly among 2020s search terms.

So, what were the most Googled questions about hair loss in 2020, and more importantly, what are the answers?

Does COVID cause hair loss?

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that one of the most Googled questions in 2020 featured both hair loss and COVID. The honest answer to that question, like so many things about COVID, is that we don’t really know.

COVID is a new disease, and although medical experts are working as fast as they can to find out more about how it works and how to treat it, there are still a lot of unknowns.

There is certainly some anecdotal evidence to suggest that long COVID might cause hair loss. Stress associated with the condition might be causing some people to lose their hair. But as yet, there is no firm research on the subject.

Can a vegan diet cause hair loss?

Again, veganism is a pretty hot topic at the moment. One of the major concerns people have when considering adopting a vegan lifestyle is whether they can get enough key nutrients. Especially when avoiding meat or dairy produce in their diet.

Again, there is no absolute answer to this one. Some studies have shown that deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as iron and zinc, can lead to hair loss. It is certainly easier to get these nutrients as part of an omnivorous diet. However, it has not been proven that a vegan diet will lead to vitamin deficiency.

The most sensible advice, if you are considering going vegan, is to look very carefully at the levels of zinc and iron in your diet. Consider taking supplements to ensure you are getting enough of the nutrients you need.

Will hair loss from stress grow back?

In 2020 more than ever, people were worried about the effect that stress was having on their hair. Lockdown left many of us trying to work from home and homeschool or entertain young children at the same time, without even considering the underlying worries about the pandemic.

The good news is that we do know the answer to this one, and it is a positive one. Generally speaking, hair loss from stress will grow back.

It is always a good idea to seek advice from a hair loss expert to find out exactly what the problem is and whether any treatments are available that could speed up the process.

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