keto diet and hair loss

The keto diet has become a weight loss phenomenon as people realise they can drop the pounds quickly by causing the body to burn fat instead of carbs. Ketosis kicks in after a few days of following the high fat, low carb diet. Equally famous, though, is the accompanying ‘keto flu’ which can make people feel tired and nauseous and it seems like that isn’t the only side effect.

As well as a drop in libido, kidney damage and heart problems, the keto diet can possibly cause hair loss. Our view is that reducing your body’s intake in valuable nutrients and the stress of committing to such a restrictive diet could result in hair thinning, but this should be a temporary change. Our top tip is to increase your consumption of biotin, one of the most effective nutrients for increasing the thickness of hair follicles. There’s a whole host of ketogenic-friendly foods that contain biotin, including cauliflower, eggs, salmon, avocados, mushrooms and spinach.

body fat hair loss injections

We’ve known for some time that Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP can help boost hair growth as part of a carefully-planned treatment programme, but now it seems that using hair loss injections of body fat rather than you blood platelets could be more effective. A small-scale US trial recently published its results in the use of scalp injections of adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF) to treat androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss injections of body fat show promising results

Body fat or adipose fat was harvested using liposuction and then gently centrifuged to remove SVF which is known to contain cell populations that can be regenerative when injected. The trial initially began with seven subjects, but then three withdrew, leaving two male and two female participants. After six months, there were no incidences of adverse reactions and there was increased hair density for all participants, with each achieving a 31% gain in the number of hairs per square centimetre on average.

Although these results are really exciting, such a small-scale trial means we need much more clinical testing of the efficacy of this hair loss treatment. We look forward to hearing more though.

Cristiano Ronaldo opens hair transplant clinic

Footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has recently revealed his plan to open a hair transplant clinic. The centre, which belongs to the Insparya Group which the Juventus forward co-founded, will be based in Madrid and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is set to be one of the new managers. Although there’s never been a hint that Cristiano has suffered from any hair loss, he announced at the launch that he would be open to having a hair transplant to preserve his good looks:

“When I think it’s necessary (to have a hair transplant), of course, I’ll do it. One’s image is an essential tool for being successful. For me it’s fundamental.”

He added: “There are many women with serious hair complications and it’s one of the reasons Georgina wanted to get involved in this project.”

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