can scalp massage treat hair loss

After the quite frankly alarming story that hit social media recently, about a mum who bought a vibrator online thinking it was a scalp massager to help stimulate her follicles, we got to thinking about the question: can scalp massage treat hair loss?

Follicle stimulation

The concept sounds believable – after all, a lot of bonafide hair loss treatments talk about stimulating the hair follicles, so surely a scalp massage could do the same job at a fraction of the price?

Sadly, when it comes to actually dealing with hair loss, we’re not talking about that kind of stimulation. To encourage new hair growth, you need to stimulate the follicles from the inside, triggering them to produce hairs.

If you look at a treatment like platelet-rich plasma therapy, which very much relies on follicle stimulation, what it’s actually doing is triggering the body’s wound-healing mechanism, thus causing new stem cells to be produced in the hair follicles, which should in turn spark the growth of new hair.

So why do so many scalp massagers claim to be good for hair growth?

Whilst there is no evidence that scalp massage can stimulate hair growth, experts are all agreed that the process is great for your hair.

Used regularly, a handheld scalp massager (which can be as simple as a plastic brush, you don’t need any fancy gadgets) can help to exfoliate, loosen dandruff and improve circulation.

A small minority of hair loss sufferers find that their hair is thinning due to poor circulation. For these fortunate few, a scalp massager could provide the answer, but for the rest of us, it probably won’t do much more than ensure that the hair we do have is shiny and healthy looking.

What options are there to deal with hair loss?

There are any number of hair loss treatments available, and the one that is most suitable for you will depend on the type of hair loss you are experiencing, as well as your preferences in terms of how invasive the treatment is, or if you prefer something a little more natural.

If you do prefer to take a more natural route, hair growth supplements can be a great option, so long as you choose carefully. Otherwise, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) can offer a very effective, minimally invasive hair loss treatment, depending on how extensive your hair loss is.

If you prefer a more surefire route, hair transplant surgery works well, but is best suited to men at a more advanced stage of balding, or scalp micropigmentation is a great way to disguise hair loss.

Whatever your preference, your best first step is to speak to an expert. Why not contact us today to book a consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

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