Which hair loss products are effective

In a recent article for the Guardian, Simon Usborne argues that the ‘hair wellness’ industry, rather than offering a solution to our problems, is in fact making money out of the fact that many men – according to a survey of 10,000 – “would rather have a small penis than go bald”.

So is Usborne right – should we all just accept hair loss as our fate and go bald as gracefully as we can?

Hair loss – a complex issue

What Usborne fails to take into account is that for some people it isn’t quite as simple as sucking it up and getting on with it – hair loss can cause some men real distress.

And as one of the interviewees in the Guardian article explains, cosmetic procedures for women have been widely accepted for many years – why should there be a stigma about men choosing to do what is effectively the same thing?

However, it is undoubtedly true that many hair loss products available today have little tangible effect, so how can you find the right solution for your hair loss problem, without just lining the coffers of another money-grabbing cosmetics manufacturer?

Do your research

The real answer is that you need to look into the claims made by the manufacBald or bust: Is the hair loss industry just playing on our insecurities? | The Hair Ambulancezturers of your chosen product or treatment in a bit more depth – don’t believe ‘what it says on the tin’, see if there is any scientific evidence to back it up.

Solutions like hair transplant surgery have a strong track record and a much higher chance of success, but it is important to know whether it’s the right option for you – if you’re too early on in the hair loss process you could end up needing several transplants over the course of your lifetime, which could be costly – both financially and emotionally.

Another option is to seek expert advice, and let them do the research for you. At the Hair Ambulance, we offer honest, impartial advice on all the different hair loss solutions available, and if we don’t think a particular treatment will work for you, we will say so. For more information, why not contact us to book a consultation.

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