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Can scalp massage treat hair loss?

After the quite frankly alarming story that hit social media recently, about a mum who bought a vibrator online thinking it was a scalp massager to help stimulate her follicles, we got to thinking about the question: can scalp massage treat hair loss? Follicle stimulation The concept sounds believable – after all, a lot of […]


Hair loss treatment: what’s right for you?

Losing your hair is a pretty emotive subject, and with a bewildering array of products and treatments out there, all promising to restore your mane to its former glory, it can be hard to know where to start. Here, we set out to put together a list of all the options available and explain what […]


How a trip to the dentist could help your hair loss

What would be your first port of call when you start to notice hair loss? For most of us, it’s probably the pharmacist, the hairdresser, or if the problem is really persistent a doctor or a hair loss specialist. It’s unlikely that you’d think about going to the dentist; just as you wouldn’t go to […]


EU companies race to launch new hair loss drug

While hair loss treatments are being tweaked and improved all the time, it has actually been twenty years since a drug to treat hair loss has been approved. But all that could be about to change, as no less than three European pharmaceutical firms are currently inching closer to the hair loss product launch we’ve […]


Lena Dunham reveals she shaved her head due to hair loss

Following in the footsteps of Ricki Lake, Girls writer and co-star Lena Dunham took to Instagram recently to open up about her own hair loss issues. Dunham, who told fans in November that she has been suffering from the autoimmune disorder Ehler-Danlos syndrome, has now revealed that her decision to shave her head in 2017 came as […]


How an itchy scalp could be a sign of impending hair loss

While most of us associate an itchy scalp with dandruff, or perhaps even the childhood horror of head lice, experts are now warning that in some cases an itchy scalp could be an early indicator of hair loss. Androgenic alopecia – otherwise known as female or male pattern baldness – is a genetic condition that […]


Hair loss in women: is alcohol a factor?

The sober revolution is making it big this year, with support groups for those attempting ‘one year no beer’ popping up all over social media. So we all know the many detrimental effects alcohol can have on our health, but did you know it could cause hair loss? Alcohol and hair loss – a gender […]


Ryan Giggs: Another footballer reveals his hair loss treatment

Premier League footballers are perhaps the most renowned hair transplant enthusiasts of all celebrities – surpassing even actors and rock stars in their desire to maintain a full head of hair. So are these sportsmen just more vain than their peers, or is there something else at play? According to Ryan Giggs, the latest (former) […]

Mattel launches hair loss Barbie

The Barbie brand has had its ups and downs over the years – always hugely popular with children, its approval rating from adults has been steadily declining as parents struggle to give their daughters a more realistic body image to aspire to. Not to be defeated, however, manufacturer Mattel has had a bit of a […]


Could a chilli rub cure your hair loss?

There has been a wave of YouTube videos recently, advocating the use of homemade ‘scalp rubs’ to cure hair loss. These home remedies include ingredients like onion, chilli and cayenne pepper, which it is claimed will reduce hair loss and stimulate new growth. So do these home hair loss cures actually work? Usually, we’d say […]

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