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A recent study has shown that a drug usually used to treat prostate cancer in men could help in the fight against female hair loss.

Hair loss in women is arguably even more devastating than its male equivalent, as few are the women who feel confident in shaving their heads and embracing the bald look. And up to now, it has always been harder to treat, too – the diffuse nature of female hair thinning means hair transplant is rarely a viable option.

However, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel, as scientists have now discovered that the prostate cancer drug bicalutamide could have a ‘significant’ effect on hair regrowth.

How can a prostate drug treat hair loss?

One of the major causes of hair loss in women is an overproduction of the male hormone testosterone – often during the menopause.

In prostate cancer, if testosterone reaches the cancerous cells it can cause tumours to grow rapidly; if the hormone is blocked, the tumours don’t just stop growing but have been known to shrink. So prostate cancer drugs like bicalutamide work by blocking testosterone production.

It’s early days, but in a recent trial involving seventeen women with hair loss, more than half showed “significant” hair regrowth within a few weeks of using the drug.

How did the study work?

During the trial, seventeen women were given a daily dose of the prostate drug bicalutamide, in pill form, for a minimum of six months. The results were assessed by a team of dermatologists, who agreed that 53% of the women showed “significant” regrowth after using the drug.

The study, which was published in the journal Dermatologic Therapy, was carried out by a research team from Ramon y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid. With the pilot trial showing such promising results, it is hoped that a larger study will be rolled out in the near future. Watch this space!

What if I want a solution for female hair loss now?

If you can’t wait for prostate drugs to become widely available to treat female hair loss, then don’t worry. There are plenty of options already on the market, from hair loss shampoos to hair systems to scalp micropigmentation.

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