For some people, surgical hair replacement is a scary thought – for others, it’s not a suitable option. For these people, hair loss systems could be the answer.

Put out of your mind the image of men in poorly fitting toupees – these days, hair loss systems are highly advanced and are often indistinguishable from a natural head of hair.

Why choose a hair loss system

Hair loss systems are most suitable for those people suffering from hair loss for whom procedures like hair transplant surgery or SMP are not a viable option.

This could be because the hair loss is temporary – for example in those suffering from alopecia areata, or hair loss resulting from chemotherapy – or because of the type of hair loss.

Advanced diffuse thinning in women, for instance, is difficult to treat with hair transplant surgery and whilst SMP could provide a solution, many women prefer fuller coverage. In this situation, a hair loss system can provide a highly effective method of concealing your hair loss and restoring your confidence.

How do modern hair loss systems work?

Whilst in the past people suffering from hair loss might have visited a ‘wig shop’ and chosen from an array of different hair pieces that had been made ready to wear, nowadays hair loss systems are created specially for the client – taking into account your natural hair and skin colour, as well as being moulded to the exact shape of your scalp.

The hairpieces themselves can be made using the highest quality human hair, which can be exactly matched to the colour, texture and thickness of your natural hair.

Where traditional wigs were often uncomfortable and itchy, modern hair systems use state-of-the-art materials to create a base that is breathable and lightweight, meaning you can barely feel that the hairpiece is there.

Some hair replacement systems can even incorporate your remaining natural hair into the hair system, using a mesh underlay through which the hairs can be integrated.

What if I want a more permanent solution?

Whilst you can find a hair loss system that is removable, if that is your preference, these days hair systems don’t have to be taken off at night.

Medical grade bonding agents can be used to ensure that the hair sits on your scalp just exactly as your natural tresses would, meaning there is no chance of any embarrassing revelations.

Find out more about hair loss systems

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