There are a myriad of treatments and procedures available to deal with hair loss in men and women. For some people, hair transplant surgery is the answer. Others prefer to try scalp micropigmentation or SMP.

For many people, however, hair loss products are the first course of action when trying to deal with the effects of hair thinning. These can offer an effective, at home method of treating or concealing hair loss.

There are a number of different types of hair loss products available today, including hair loss shampoos and hair loss concealers or fibres.

Hair growth ampules

This treatment concentrate contains a combination of cell-active ingredients related to hair growth.

This includes a polyphenol from larch wood that reactivates the formation of young stem cells. These are essential for the regeneration of the hair papilla and the new start of the active growth phase in the hair cycle.

The concentrate also includes an inhibitor of dihydrotestosterone, a trigger of androgenic hair loss, a microencapsulated phyto cell extract that protects and activates the skin’s own rejuvenating parent cells and plant extracts that reduce the hardening of the tissue due to surplus deposition of sugars.

Biologically highly active peptides are combined with biotin to improve the energy of the cells that combat premature cell death, plus vitamins, minerals and plant active ingredients that ensure optimum nourishment of the hair roots and activate their cell metabolism.

The clinically proven results of our hair growth ampules indicate that after a three-month application, hair growth is increased by 121% and hair loss decreased by more than 33%

The clinical study on larch wood extract alone resulted in 9% new hairs and 17% less hair loss after three months of daily treatment. Specifically, this amounts to an increase in hair density by up to 28,000 hairs.

Essential oils

Hair and scalp care are much more than just shampoos and treatments; there is substantial evidence that stimulating your scalp with the essential oils results in beautiful hair and a relaxed state of mind. Combined with the correct massage technique, essential oils can be extremely beneficial.

We have treatment oils for the following conditions:

Our dry scalp treatment has rosemary, lavender blossom, geranium blossom and parsley seed. Applied to the scalp, the essential oil stimulates the sebaceous glands and the circulation.

Our tired scalp treatment combines bergamot, litsea, sandalwood and vanilla. This blend deeply penetrates the scalp and provides a refreshing boost to the blood circulation.

The burning / hot scalp treatment contains juniper berries, cypress and sage to give a calming effect. There is also a dual action of cleaning and regulating the sebum production, thus giving a refreshing, antiseptic effect that can soothe an oily scalp too.

Our sensitive scalp treatment has bergamot, thyme, bitter orange blossom and oregano. It works by soothing irritation and itchiness and working on tension and any sensitivity-related pain or headaches.

We will be happy to advise you which essential oil is the right one for you following a consultation.

Hair loss shampoos

Probably the most popular at-home treatment for hair loss is hair loss shampoo, with caffeine-based shampoos having seen burgeoning sales in the past few years. Walk into any high street pharmacy in the UK and you will see a range of caffeine shampoos available for sale.

Do caffeine shampoos really work to cure hair loss?

The jury’s out on this one – although initial tests on hair follicles in Petri dishes showed that caffeine did stimulate hair growth, there is very little clinical evidence to suggest that the same is true when the follicles are still implanted in the human scalp.

However, anecdotal evidence suggests that there is a place for caffeine shampoos in hair loss treatment. Many hair loss sufferers report an improvement in hair growth after sustained use of caffeine-based hair loss shampoos.

How to use a hair loss shampoo

In order to have an effect, the caffeine needs to be in direct contact with the hair follicle for at least two minutes, so it is important to massage the scalp thoroughly when applying the shampoo and then leave it to take effect before rinsing off.

Who is a suitable candidate for hair loss shampoo?

Hair loss shampoos are most useful in the early stages of hair thinning, while the follicles are still active – if your hair loss is advanced, you may need a structured approach with an individually tailored treatment plan.

To find out if hair loss shampoo could be an effective solution for you, please contact us to book a consultation with one of our hair loss experts.

Hair loss concealers/fibres

Hair loss concealers are designed not to help hair to regrow but to disguise existing hair loss. This means they can be used in conjunction with hair loss shampoo to create an immediate and long-term solution to hair loss.

What is a hair loss concealer?

Hair loss concealers are usually applied using a shaker and contain fibres that bond to the natural hair, creating the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

These fibres can be made of natural or synthetic materials, but the general consensus amongst hair loss experts is that those fibres made from natural human hair create the most effective solution to hide thinning areas.

Other hair loss concealers come in a cream form and are used to colour match the scalp to the hair, effectively disguising areas of thinning hair.

Who is a suitable candidate for hair loss concealers or fibres?

Again, these products are most suitable for those in the early stages of hair thinning and are best used in conjunction with other hair loss solutions.

If you want to find out more about hair loss concealers and discuss the most suitable hair loss solution for you, please contact us to book a consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

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